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The First Few Hours

You never know what's going to happen. Truly.

I found myself humming a tune quietly under my breath the morning my son was born. I say 'my son' because I don't know how else to convey the relationship. He is his own person.. I know that of course but we say 'my' this or 'my' that when referring to the generation of people that follow us in our family, non? Ouí. I was humming a melody maybe as a calming mechanism during the uncertain period when midwives, nurses, and doctors were looking over my partner and the new human. Totally a subconscious, spontaneous thing but the melody occupied a corner of my head space for weeks. So, I eventually added it to a notebook to be reminded of the first few hours of his new life. Not knowing whether he was healthy or plagued with hereditary this or that.. whether he'd live a few hours or a few years or a full life time. I thought I'd publish the tune as a reminder of those maniacal moments of love and anxiety surrounding the arrival of our children into the world.

It's called 5 Hours and Counting.


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