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Stargirl Scene

It's been a slight bit slow for the past 18 months allowing for substantial practice time, reflection, refraction, and invention. I was pretty excited to learn of this opportunity to create a new piece for film.

It's a competition to score a scene from Stargirl. The uber talented Pinar Toprak has the glorious responsibility of scoring the series but has graciously accepted an invitation from Spitfire Audio, the competition's organizer, to adjudicate the submissions. Very nice and thank you, Everybody!

I thought I'd offer a tiny bit of insight as to what I used to create the composition for this scene. My template in Logic Pro X currently consists of standard issue, yet gorgeously recorded, virtual orchestral instruments summed into stacks. Instead of having separate tracks for each articulation I've decided to use keyswitches to make my workflow a little cleaner looking and feeling. There are an awful lot of Spitfire Audio, Heavyocity, and Sounddust instruments populating my template at the moment with the occasional bit of live guitar playing, palmas, and other aux percussion.

I hope you enjoy the piece. Visit me on Disco for more music!

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