So, it seems we're not out of the woods yet with this COVID thing. In response to suggested CDC and WHO guidance I have been vaccinated, wear a mask during in-person lessons, and have an air exchanger/purifier running during studio hours. I also offer lessons online.

I offer lessons in flamenco, classical, and modern guitar along with composition, ear training, orchestration, and improvising. My approach is informed by 20+ years of teaching experience. My students range from young beginners to advanced students preparing for academic and professional auditions.

The studio is a union of styles and ideals for people who are interested in becoming better guitarists and musical contributors to their community & culture. I hope people will share in the creative freedom that music can offer. My approach centers around building a student's repertoire, with music they are interested in, while exploring key elements of musicianship like improvising, technique, music theory, ear training, arranging, phrasing, music notation, reading music, orchestration, and composition.  I also ask students to consider broadening their listening for the sake of adding new ideas, concepts, melodies, rhythms and harmonies to their playing.


I offer comfortable, stress-free guitar lessons for kids and their parents to learn and have fun with music. I help kids familiarize themselves with foundational techniques, read notes & tablature, develop listening skills and perform songs that are age appropriate. Quick progress and musical achievement will nurture their confidence and feeling of accomplishment.


When beginning students are ready, I introduce the Berklee Method for Guitar.  I have found this book to be an excellent method for note reading and beginning music theory. It has clear explanations, written exercises, and student/teacher duets to complement lessons.  

I recommend that students take a weekly 30 minute lesson and practice 15-30 minutes at least four days per week. Consistency and repetition are essential to developing foundational skills on a musical instrument. 


New students are interviewed as to gain an understanding of how they learn most effectively and to create customized private lessons to suit their strengths and challenges.  


For flamenco guitar, there is a heavy technical and rhythmic component. To help a student understand these necessary foundational skills and repertoire I work from numerous methods by guitarists including Manuel GranadosClaude Worms, Dennis Koster & Juan Serrano.


For classical guitar, there again are strict technical guidelines to achieve a beautiful tone and effective movement. To supplement private instruction, I use method books by Aaron ShearerFrederick NoadFrancisco TarregaMateo Carcassi and others for technical training and basic music theory as they relate to the guitar.


For electric & acoustic guitar, I typically divide the learning experience into three general subcategories. Jazz, Blues and Rock based music forms. In addition to creating a customized approach for each student, I suggest several method books to supplement learning this style including A Modern Method for GuitarReading Studies for GuitarClassical Studies for Pick Style Guitar and The Real Book.


$34, 30 minutes

$49, 45 minutes

$62, an hour