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Grüve for Orchestra

This is one of my favorite pieces to date. It reminds me a bit of the music from cartoons I watched when I was lil'. Grüve for Orchestra was written to accompany the short film Spring for the Score Relief 2021 fundraiser and competition. The instrumentation is straight ahead for a 27-piece orchestra. 

C4C, Maine

What a bizarre time of life. I'm thrilled to be part of an organization that is doing so much for people in need. Good work, Everybody! 


The cues in this film are riddled with synths, ultra-moded pianos, synthetic and organic percussion, fabulously processed guitars, and lush orchestral textures.

2020 Show Reel

Animation, CG, competition pieces, and commercials composed and arranged using a cornucopia of live and virtual instruments.


This score, that I affectionately refer to as Flattery Will Get You Everything, was created specifically for the 2020 Berlin International Film Scoring Competition. The animated short film that I composed to is called Escape.


A stop motion piece by Kate Isobel Scott with music composed, arranged, and orchestrated by Grégoire.


Imagery from ISS and Hubble compiled and edited by folks at the Space Telescope Science Institute for NASA with music by Yours Truly.


Animation by Daniel Ruiz, original theme by Eskmo, additional composi-tion and arrangement by Yours Truly.


Free virtual piano and string instru-ments (LABS) provided by Spitfire Audio.


Dassuhnbug is a tongue-in-cheek yet heroic and triumphant prelude written for a wonderful little aviator who took a moment to rest on my dining fork. It was great to see you, ladybug. ¡Hasta pronto!

This prelude was produced using a variety of virtual instruments from Heavyocity and Spitfire among others.


In this cue composed to the trailer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Columbia Pictures), I very respectfully removed the original score and sat and watched it in silence for a bit. The first thing that grabbed me was the rhythm at which it was cut, a solid 120bpm. From there, I opened my DM-307 and started writing a groove.

Eatin' Some Glazed Carrots

This tune, Eatin' Some Glazed Carrots, was a commissioned by Firesite Films. It features Grégoire on piano backed by t'bone, trumpet, string bass, and drum kit.

Composer Gregoire Pearce firesite films alec asten

George, Spitfire Audio

On a day just after the onset of 2018 I learned of the January 9th deadline for the Albion One competition. Here is the cue I scored to picture for horns, strings, guitars, percussion, harp, muted felt piano, and a gated synth pad.

Tammy's Story, 'Rising'

Rising was written for a Gloria Gemma promotional piece directed by Alec Asten (Firesite Films) and is one of a handful of my modern piano solos. 

film composer gregoire pearce, gloria gemma, firesite films, alec asten

Phil and Ned

In this clip from Groundhog Day (Ramis, et al.) I took one of my favorite scenes, which originally was sans music, and composed this cue titled Phil and Ned. It consists of pizz and long strings, brass quartet, timpani, and piano.  

The Luthier

In this short form documentary by Theron Powell we observe Toby Rzepka build a flamenco guitar for yours truly which is then used to compose and record two pieces for the score. ¡Muchísimas gracias, Maestro Powell!  

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