Our son, Dorian, was born in 2015. In the month of Rocktober. He wasn't super psyched early on about being out and about in the world so we did what we had to do to stay not only as happy as posible humanamente but alive.

In the months leading up to his birth I was on m...

This pic snapped during a recent Skype session reveals the true feelings harbored by most young guitarists when it comes to sight reading, or reading at all for that matter. The player pictured here [who shall remain nameless] is a ripping technician, has great ears, l...


I recently learned of this woman, this amazing musician and pianist named Toshiko Akiyoshi, by way of a certain NPR broadcast. Those of you who know of her already may say something like, "How have you not heard of her, Gregoíre?" It doesn't matter much. There's a lot...

When I sat down to practice as a kid, there was something natural about the way that I played. There was a certain 'proficiency naturale' I had with a pick as a student of modern and highly amplified music. Great guitar, big beautiful tube amp that broke up perfectly,...

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Virtuosity, fatherhood, or composing. Pick two.


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