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"Gregoire - you are quite honestly, one of the best instructors I've ever seen... On the internet or otherwise. You keep your videos fresh, light, fun - but still extremely educational! You not only provide a note for note example of how something is played, easy enough for a beginner to understand, but you also provide the theory behind what you're teaching - which is TOP NOTCH. Big thumbs up to you Gregoire. Love your sense of humor too, man. Keep up the incredible job!"

Youtube Subscriber

"..I have to thank you for helping me improve my skill and fluency on guitar throughout high school. I wouldn't have been able to apply to Berklee without your guidance. Thanks for everything!"

Hayden B.

"Greg has been a very positive influence on Mason.  Despite the escalating time demands of his high school academics and crew team commitments, Mason happily and steadfastly continued his guitar lessons with Greg from about eighth grade through his current senior year in high school.  I credit Greg for having the sensitivity to recognize the right amount of pressure to apply to Mason--enough to compel him to develop some competence in the instrument, but not so much as to overwhelm him and turn fun into drudgery.  Mason has told me that Greg's relaxed demeanor has given him an ear to which he can speak freely that is different from parent, teacher or peer.  Further, he marvels at Greg's expansive knowledge of guitar styles, from classical to contemporary, and feels that he has "lucked" into having a regular audience with a really great talent. That Mason has persevered in his guitar lessons for five years is a real testimonial to Greg's skill as a teacher and mentor."

Alan D.

I appreciate you talking to her about how much she should practice. She must be doing something right - and you, too - yesterday Mr. Dank, who leads the band that she is in after school, told her that he has seen a great improvement in her guitar playing just since she started the band in September!  Her bandmates said they couldn’t believe she only just started playing guitar this year. She was really proud. Thank you for being such a great teacher!!


Alison M.

"I've been taking lessons from Greg for the past few months and it has been a blast! I've rapidly improved my knowledge in music, sight reading, and overall skill in playing. The lessons are customized to fit my skill and understanding and he is always available for clarifications."

Nilanka S.

Gregoíre, For what it's worth I just wanted to let you know that your teaching has been very helpful to me. That you encouraged me to work with other chords in the Villa Lobos study, introduced me to the common tone theory,provided many ways to find new chord Inversions, and just your general instructing demeanor have been both stimulating and liberating. I suspect that you know all of this already but I'm writing to reassure you. I know that you can't be all things to all students but keep up the good work.

Harshad G.

"Just a note to say that Rory is playing the electric guitar ALL THE TIME. I have never seen him so entranced by anything other than the computer. He spends at least 5 times more time on the guitar now than on the computer. He practices songs he is working on and also just makes things up sometimes. He is so into it. I love hearing the sound all over the house. He has taken everything that you taught him with theory and fingering and is putting it into action with the electric. I've heard him get better and better for the past three months. He loves it and I want to thank you for everything!!!"

Maribeth A.

"I feel Greg is an outstanding teacher.  He knows how to get the most progress out of my son while keeping the lessons fun.  My son loves practicing and playing guitar thanks to him.  I see Greg building up his confidence by having him learn increasingly complex material and continually improving his technique."

Lisa F.

"In his lessons, Greg shares the music theory of the lessons at many different levels of understanding. From finger placement in the beginning to the composition of the chords, alternate fingerings, variations, and such for more advanced players.
He has a light, always-positive approach that has keeps me motivated and focused even when I don’t get a lot of time to practice between sessions. Coaching sessions have super fun and helpful. Each session, Greg can quickly assess my progress, go through some exercises for me to work on technique, then pick a song to highlight the new skills."

Eric J.

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