Thanks so much for being here! Before clicking around the rest of the site perhaps you will spend some time with my 2020 reel, non? I also just released Torn Down, an album of solo pieces for piano, guitar, and stripped down hybrid orchestra. When you're finished watching and listening to my work please feel welcome to leave me a note or call me.


Be well, be safe!


MY NAME is Grégoire Pearce and I am a film and media composer, multi-disciplinary guitarist, and music educator. My home is Portland, Maine but we roam.. We can roam anywhere! Let's meet for a coffee and a cupcake or something and brainstorm about creating completely stellar, artful, and memorable experiences for your clients, viewers, gamers.. the public. Me and you! Or all of you depending on how many of you there are. Please continue reading and spend some time with my videos and music page to get an initial feel for my style.

MY MUSIC is the sum of my exposure to 19th & 20th century classical, jazz, rhythm and blues, flamenco, and the various peculiar incarnations of electric music. The music of musicians and composers like John Powell, Diego del Gastor, Massive Attack, Bernard Hermann, John Coltrane, Leo Brouwer, Galactic, John Williams, the Soundgarden folks, Led Zeppelin, Paco de Lucia, Steve Vai, Eric Satie, The Strokes, Eduardo Sainz de la Maza, Fishbone, S.L. Weiss, The Police, Frank Zappa, and certainly others not named collectively influence how I think about music. 


DEFTLY and expeditiously [and certainly fashionably] I create dynamic and unique music for film and video. My singular focus is to create musical arrangements and orchestrations that ignite emotion and invigorate a viewer's imagination.


SERVICES I offer include pre-production consulting, spotting sessions, thematic development, harmonization and orchestration of existing melodies, scoring to picture, orchestral mockups, delivery of final stems, and a film music library. If there is something you need that I did not list please get in touch to speak with the actual Grégoire.

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"I've had the pleasure of working with Grégoire on a few video/music projects, and have been blown away by his musicianship, taste, his ear and he made for such an easy creative partnership. He's also just a lot of fun to work with! Don't waste more time digging through countless hours of mediocre tracks from online sites and just hire this man. You (and your audience) can thank me in advance."

Theron Powell, Director, Theron Powell Productions



2018, The Communicator Awards recipient for composition.