Grégoire Pearce, a film and media composer

My name is Grégoire and I compose evocative music to fuse with motion picture, art installations, television, and adverts - Music that spans from solo piano and flamenco-inspired guitar to humoro-dramatic cues for modern orchestra. I am infinitely curious about people's stories and passionate about creating stellar, artful, and memorable experiences that enrich human life. 

My music embodies 19th & 20th century classical, jazz, rhythm and blues, flamenco, and various peculiar incarnations of electric music. My style is satirical and dramatic on one hand and delicate and fragile on the other. How about this: Before the cynical gaze of the ghost of Frank Zappa, Andy Summers threw on a pair of Debussy’s trousers and raced to the door to let Bernard Hermann inside who was called to fix a synclavier that Terry Bozzio and John Powell had in pieces on the floor. That's how I feel I sound.

My singular focus is to create musical arrangements and orchestrations that ignite emotion and invigorate a viewer's imagination. I offer pre-production consulting, spotting sessions, thematic development, harmonization and orchestration of existing melodies, scoring to picture, orchestral mockups, delivery of final stems, score preparation and organization for orchestral re-recording, and a film music library.

Thanks so much for spending a bit of your day with my music!

Freshly minted

I recently spent a couple days writing and orchestrating the music for this scene from Stargirl. I used techniques like common tone theory and parallelism to create the progressions once the melody had been written. The score in its current form is a mix of virtual and organic instrumentation. Hope you enjoy it in a way that is entirely you!

Creating a mock-up like this is not as bizarre or frightening as it looks. Basically just a big tricked out word processor with state of the art sample libraries attached to it so the music goes kaBLAM!

Logic Pro X workspace // Grégoire Pearce // Film and Media Composer

My 2021 Reel


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"I've had the pleasure of working with Grégoire on a few video/music projects, and have been blown away by his musicianship, taste, his ear and he made for such an easy creative partnership. He's also just a lot of fun to work with! Don't waste more time digging through countless hours of mediocre tracks from online sites and just hire this man. You (and your audience) can thank me in advance."

— Theron Powell, Director, Theron Powell Productions

"What was THAT from?.. it was awesome!" I said Grégoire wrote it. He was like, "OMG no way, that's f@&#ing sick.. that's epic as f&#$.. He wrote that?! What the f%#$ it sounded like it was from a movie!"

— From a conversation between a colleague and his teenage spawn


2018, The Communicator Awards recipient for composition.