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Throw Your Headphones On is a playlist that highlights some of my favorites (as the composer) from my last five albums. Hopefully they will resonate with you as well.

Ahhh, this was a fun one to make. Unimocycle is riddled with subtly and ear slaps alike. Songs for basset hounds traveling through the great beyond to an off-course Monarch butterfly you will be plunged into their journeys.

This record is a collection of dramatic melodic themes and robust harmonic beds for electronic instruments, percussion, staples of the orchestra, guitars, and sound design elements.

World music with particular emphasis on flamenco. The pieces range from somber solos through uptempo, densely orchestrated tunes for flamenco & electric guitar, bass, percussion, palmas, and voice.

The impetus for this record was a scoring project for a series of short NASA videos. The remains pieces were written in the same atmospheric style with stings of percussion, fat electric guitars, and strings. 

This recording has music that ranges from solo pieces for piano and flamenco guitar to drones for hybrid orchestra and lyrical, poetic fantasias for small chamber orchestra.